Control Room

- PC running Cubase 7
- Focusrite Liquid Saffire Soundcard
- Focusrite Octopre
- Phonic PCL 3200 Compressor and Limiter
- Phonic DFX 256 Effects Processor
- Focusrite Platinum Trakmaster

Somerset Recording Studio Control Room 1

Live Room


- Rodes NT5
- AKG D112, C1000 C414b
- Electro Voice PL35
- Red 5 Drum Mics
- Shure SM57, SM58
- Sennheiser Dynamic Mics
- Red 5 Condenser
- SE Electronics
- Tbone RB-500

Gear available for hire

- Full Gretsch and Yamaha drum kits and a range of wooden snares.
- Guitar and bass amps include Mesaboogie, Fender, Marshall and Trace Elliot

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements
Tel: 01458 831534 -  Leave a message with Good Connections if I don’t make it to the phone.
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